Lil Peeps Iconic Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Gus, or also famously known as Lil Peep, growing up didn’t have much hair to begin with. But he did have some naturally blonde hair. When he was a year and a half old, he got his first haircut by his grandmother. It took place while he was playing, so he would not notice it and get scared. But he ended up noticing it anyways, and fell in love! 

Lil Peep Hair Dye Timeline

Its evident through Lil Peep’s constant change in hairstyles, that it’s clear how much he fell in love with switching up his looks and changing his hair. What started off as Lil Peep with blonde hair, ended up with him switching from pink hair, to black and white hair, to white hair, to a mohawk and even long hair. It was clear he loved experimenting with his hair. So what was his hair timeline you wonder? Well keep on reading to find out!

Lil Peep blonde hair

One day during his fourth grade year, Gus came back home asking to dye his hair a different colour. Lil Peep was told that hair dye would be terrible for his hair’s health, that if he didnt like it he would be stuck with it until or unless he decided to cut it all off. But Gus responded, that were hair dyes that were not permanent. Some were temporary and washed out with the passing of time. He researched all about his local beauty supply store and names of hair dyes and hence picked out his first hair colour!

Choosing the colours purple and green, Lil Peep as a nine year old first coloured his hair. After this he decided to rock  a mohawk briefly and then cut all of his hair off. When his hair started growing out again about in an inch or so long, he took inspiration from his recently discovered musical artist Eminem. Used him as his stylish influence and thus, became determined to dye his hair a bleached blonde. He got a platinum blonde box of hair dye from his local CVS and got to work. The aftermath was a platinum blonde haired Lil Peep, who was ecstatic about his new hair.


Lil Peep undercutAll of these haircuts and hair colouring were like an experiment for Lil Peep. and were a natural accompaniment to his growing tattoo collection that he began to place on his skin. Although his tats seemed to overtake the power of his hair colour experimentation, it would always somehow match perfectly with his vibe and tattoos. He would often bleach his hair, let it grow out and then cut it short again.

Around the year February 2015, Lil Peep decided to let his hair grow out long. He grew out a beard and bleached his long hair. It wasn’t too long before he decided again to shave his head off, but this time while he was getting ready for a show in Tucson in February 2016. He came to the conclusion that he wanted a ‘look’. A signature look that makes him distinctive from others. And so was both the pink hair! That was the colour Lil Peep performed in for the first time in his life on February 12th 2016.


Lil Peep haircut tutorialLil Peep not only experimented with his hair colours, but also with his hair cuts! He jumped around red, black, pink, white and blonde hair, while also changing up his hair styles. So what were Lil Peeps hairstyles and haircuts name? 

He first did a short hairstyle with a ‘Curtain Haircut’ that framed his face. This gave him a sophisticated yet laid back look.

Then, he grew this haircut out which resulted in him having a longer version of this Curtain Haircut. Giving him the more casual emo look. Matched with his split pink and black hair dye, he completed and rocked his e-boy look.

Lil Peep’s hairstyle changed to a long middle parted disconnected undercut, curtain with undercut to his iconic mohawk. All of these haircut changes, played a major role in his dress up and his emo vibe.

Lil Peep mohawk

With all these changes in hair, styles, colours its obvious that Lil Peep had fun playing with his fashion style. He was decorating his body fearlessly, without caring about the dirty looks he would get. And hence, the tattoos, clothing, fashion and hairstyle all became a part of him expressing himself.  

For Lil Peep this was a method of him to freely be himself. Where he no longer thought that people who give him these ‘dirty looks’ define what he should and shouldn’t look like. And thus, this drove him even more to experiment with himself, his hairstyle, fashion and hair colours! All of this self expression from lowkey looks to ‘ in your face ‘ bold hair dyeing and designing is what gave Gus his growing strength and self confidence.

What Does Lil Peep Wear?

Lil Peep was not only a singer, song writer but was also a model! He was passionate about fashion and would regularly attend to fashion industry shoes like Balmain, Fendi and so on. Though he mainly paid attention to his music career, rather than modelling. Lil Peep was known for his trendsetting pop emo style fashion sense.


He was known for his street style, e-boy emo looks. He would mix thrift stores, and vintage in his outfits. His style too was constantly changing, from punk pants, to denim vets. For him it didnt matter where his clothes came from as long as they were cool. And it’s due to this inspirational message and ideology that Lil Peep had, we have provided you with a clothing line inspired by his trendy fashion sense. Buy your Lil Peep merch here, so you can match with your favorite artist and rapper. A fashion collection that isn’t only made for you to express your love and devotion to the late rapper, but so his loyal fans can recreate his in vogue outfit looks.

Lil Peeps Iconic Hairstyles and Hair Colors

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