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Browse our high quality assortment of Lil Peep merchandise. Our Lil Peep-inspired designs look good on any piece of clothing. Everyone who enjoyed his music should have something to remember Lil Peep by, and clothes are a great way to do just that. Lil Peep pants and sweatpants are the perfect option to show homage to an artist who passed away too soon, as you can pair them with other upper body clothing that matches his style.

Who Was Lil Peep?

Gustav Elijah Ahr, otherwise known as Lil Peep, was an American singer, rapper, songwriter and leading figure of sad boys music. He was known for his emo style of rap music and helped diversify the rap category to be more representative of people. Lil Peep was into fashion since he was a teenager and started designing costumes and merchandise.

Lil Peep’s music was very emotional and raw. From different releases, such as hellboy and crybaby, Lil Peep revealed a new trend in music that drew in listeners that could relate to his emotion and messages.

Unfortunately, Lil Peep passed away November 15th, 2017, due to a drug overdose. He was found dead by his manager on his tour bus. Before Lil Peep passed away, he made an effort to sell his unique merchandise to fans all over. We have made it our mission to continue on the legacy for Lil Peep. May he rest in peace.

Fans Love Lil Peep Merchandise

Purchasing Lil Peep clothes allows you to remember this amazing artist. From back when Lil Peep was a leading figure in sad boys up until his death, he always had a passion for clothing and fashion. Listeners sympathize with his disconnect to the outside world, and Lil Peep clothes help represent that disconnect. Lil Peep often saw things in black and white, which represents how he felt about life, and was sometimes represented in the clothes he wore.

Lil Peep Pants & Sweatpants

Lil Peep clothes are a great way to show others how you feel and show respect to him. In particular, Lil Peep pants and Lil Peep sweatpants are a great thing to pair with hoodies and other upper body wear. Lil Peep sweatpants are made to showcase different popular designs, such as the peep show. There is also crybaby merch, which is based off of Lil Peep’s iconic tattoo. This tattoo inspired the crybaby jeans. Peep show sweatpants are a popular Lil Peep clothing piece. We also offer sad face pants, which display the Lil Peep sad face logo. Also Lil Peep’s hellboy design is a great feature for any sweatpant, especially to remember that mixtape.

Different Types of Lil Peep Merchandise

When you pair different types of Lil Peep merchandise you can put together a great costume. Lil Peep pants and Lil Peep sweatpants can pair with shirts and other miscellaneous items, like hoodies. There are also Lil Peep jeans available if you want a look aside from sweatpants. The merchandise is similar to Sad Boys clothing, in which Lil Peep was a leading figure. Lil Peep merchandise can often represent a black and white color style, which helps represent raw and emotional states.

Buy Lil Peep Clothes With Confidence

We offer our clothing with nothing but respect for Lil Peep. In honor of a great artist, we produce our clothing to uphold the highest quality standards on the market. We take pride in offering the greatest gear for Lil Peep’s fans. Our goal is to let you keep representing Lil Peep’s style in memory of this star.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lil Peep sweatpants made from?

Lil Peep pants and sweatpants are made from cotton.

How much do Lil Peep sweatpants cost?

Lil Peep pants cost varies from product to product. Typically their price is 69.99$ without sale!

Are the Lil Peep sweatpants and Lil Peep pants returnable?

Yes. You can read our Shipping & Returns Policy Here.

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