Sustainable fabrics in fashion are important for us to consider. Remember, clothing is indeed one of the basic human needs. All humans must wear clothes every day.

Well, we have to make sure that the clothes we use are environmentally friendly clothes. That way, we will not destroy nature. If the clothes we use can damage nature, nature can certainly be damaged quickly.

Sustainable Fabrics in Fashion to Protect the Environment from Damage

Recommendations for Sustainable Fabrics in Fashion

Our nature is getting old and it is more or less the result of human activities. For that, before it’s too late, make sure we have started to protect nature. That way we can avoid major damage.

One way is to use environmentally friendly clothing. The following are recommendations for sustainable fabrics in fashion.

Bamboo Linen

One of the fabrics that you can use is Bamboo linen. Bamboo is a plant that can continue to be sustainable. However, if the process is wrong, this bamboo could become a rare plant.

Therefore, we must also pay attention to the manufacturing process. Also make sure it is not chemically processed. Because it will continue to damage the environment.


This material is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. This ingredient can be obtained from harvesting Cannabis trees. The good thing is, you can harvest this ingredient without having to use chemicals.

How did it happen? Because this one plant is one of the plants that is resistant to pests. So we really don’t need to use pesticides in the process of planting to harvesting.


Cork fabric is the next choice for environmentally friendly fabrics. This material comes from the cork tree or cork tree bark. Because it is made from plants, it can definitely regenerate.

Apart from that, only the bark is taken to be used as material. Wood that is around 9-12 years old can be used as material for this cloth. Usually, this one material is used to make bags or shoes.

Recycled Cotton

Recycling is one of the best ways to protect the environment. Well, you can use this recycled cotton to be used as clothing material. Recycled cotton is derived from factory or industrial leftover cotton.

In this way, we can minimize waste. We can also use it for things that are very useful. However, it may be necessary to use cotton blends that come from farmers.

So, those are the sustainable fabrics in fashion that you can choose from. From now on, make sure to choose materials that are environmentally friendly. That way we can keep the environment safe.